What is a home rewire? 

A home rewire is the full replacement of the electrical system within your house. 

The electrical installation within your home supplies the power for all of your appliances and equipment. 

A home rewire involves the removal of the existing consumer unit, cables, switches and sockets and replaces them with new and upgraded components which comply with the latest regulations. A new electrical installation has a life expectancy of approximately 25 years. 

Rewiring your home should be completed by a fully qualified professional in order to ensure the highest quality of work and longevity of your electrical installation. sub-standard work can result in failure of the electrical system, increased risk of fire and electric shock are also possible. 

IITEX electrical engineers are qualified and insured for working on your home electrical system. We are NICEIC approved and registered on the Competent Persons Scheme for Electrical Personnel. 

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