How Much Does a Home Rewire Cost?

How much will it cost to rewire my home? is a question many home owners ask. 

IITEX Electrical base our cost primarily on the timescale and amount of labour required to complete the work. We will always aim to issue your quote within 24 hours of completing a pre-installation survey. This quote is a fixed fee, so there will be no hidden extras unless you make significant changes to the agreed installation or work schedule. 

The costs can vary greatly depending on your requirements, so we always recommend a full survey so we can discuss what you need and you can better understand what is involved. 

The table below gives you a typical estimate of costs, but please bear in mind that every installation is different and you are best to discuss your needs directly with us.

Property Type

Rewire a flat or apartments
Rewire a bungalow
Rewire a terraced house
Rewire a detached house


1 bedroom

Price from


2 bedrooms

3 bedrooms



4 bedrooms


It is important to consider the specification of equipment you want when planning to rewire your home. The addition of spotlights, outside lighting, garage circuits and smart home accessories all increase cost. We would always recommend talking to us direct to discuss your needs. We will, wherever possible, work with you do deliver the best solution for your budget. 

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